Shore Point Marina & Yacht Sales Inc. offers a wide array of services for your boat. Our goal is to uphold reasonable prices so you can get the most out of your boat, while staying within your budget. Below is a list of many of our services and our current rates.


Long Haul: $8.50 per foot
Short Haul: $6.50 per foot
Power Washing: $5.00 per foot

Winter Storage

starting as low as $20.00 per foot

Labor Rates

Labor costs are currently $104.00 per hour, and represent the cost of the physical labor for completing a particular job. Having said that, it is not inclusive of parts and/or materials. For most services, we provide flat-rate pricing, or we will provide estimates upon request.

Bottom Paint & Waxing

Keep your boat looking new each year with our bottom paint and waxing services. Our crew has done hundreds of boats and will make sure your boat looks its best each season.

Bottom paint

starting as low as $11.85 per foot including materials


starting at $10.00 per foot


starting at $5.65 per foot

Complete detailing:

Price upon request.

Teak cleaning:

Price upon request.

All and any special requests please call for quote.

Mechanical Work

Mechanical work completed by our trained professionals includes but is not limited to: Fiberglass Repair, Electronic Installation, Complete Engine Service (Gas & Diesel), and more.

All mechanical work is done on site by our trained mechanics. For inquires, please call and speak to our service coordinators.

Customized Just for You!

Along with routine maintenance, we also provide a wide variety of jobs that are tailored specifically to your boat. Estimates for these jobs are available on request; having said that, we urge you to drop by and speak to our service coordinators in order to achieve your goals, or call us at (732)-244-2106.